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Do you really understand the purpose of a resume?  Its only purpose is to get you an interview.  However, most managers only spend an average of 30 seconds on each and every resume.  The key to an effective resume is to be brief, but with "hard-hitting" content that makes the reader want to call you in for the interview. To get noticed, your resume needs to "bring out" your best.   

  • Challenges
  • Actions 
  • Results                                     

Types of Resumes                                                            

The Chronological Resume

This traditional style resume lists your professional experience chronologically, with your most recent position listed first. In the Chronological format, the emphasis is on employment experience. Most employers are familiar with and prefer this format. But, if you recently graduated, have held jobs with no relevance to the positions you're currently looking for, or you're re-entering the workforce after a long absence, then the Chronological resume will emphasize your lack of experience. In these cases you should consider the Functional resume or Combination format. 

the Functional Resume

This format emphasizes your skills and achievements instead of your work history. If your work history is minimal, has gaps or you're changing fields then the functional format will focus attention on your skills and any relevant experience, including your educational experiences. Your job history is avoided completely or very briefly summarized at the beginning of the resume. 

The Combination Resume

This format is primarily a Functional resume with a short chronological order job history. Relevant skills and accomplishments are provided first, then followed by your employment history. This format has been gaining in popularity, but the chronological resume still ranks as the employer's favorite.    

    What We Offer

  • ​In-depth discussion about your resume and your goals
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